5 Indian men tell us their experience of having sex during periods 

For some couples, sex during periods seems like an adventure, something that can take their carnal desires to a different height. While some women are reluctant to open up during periods others are at the peak of excitement due to the hormonal changes. But we know what woman like the most about sex during periods – more lubrication, better orgasm, etc. So we spoke to some men to know how they felt when they had sex during periods. Here are some of the most honest confessions.

‘I really didn’t care.’

‘The first time I had sex during periods, it was like patch-up sex. I had stayed away from her for about a fortnight after a silly fight and it was getting to me. I couldn’t stop myself from touching her all over when we met and she decided to give me a second chance. So we ended in bed and yes it felt warm and soothing to have sex that day. I really didn’t care much about her periods but it was one of the best intimate experiences I had with her.’ Anatu Das, 32 years, Kolkata.

‘I was intoxicated by her smell.’

‘She smelled different on that day. She confessed she was feeling horny and I didn’t want to hurt her during that time of the month. But while we were on it, I sensed she smelt different. No, I wasn’t grossed out, instead it gave a heady feeling and made me want her even more. From then on, we indulged in period-sex periodically.’ Yogi Juneja, 29 years, Delhi.

‘I felt it was no different.’

‘I am not sure why people make such a big hue and cry about sex during periods. I had sex when my woman was on periods numerous times and it never felt any different.’ Ram Taneja, 28 years, Haryana.

‘It felt like a smooth ride.’

I have to admit that I need to work a lot on my girlfriend to turn the heat on her. I spend too much time on foreplay to get her excited and during her periods it was just smooth. I didn’t have to spend much time to get her wet. I noticed that she was more receptive and cooperative in bed during her periods.’ Vinit Kamat, 27 years, Mumbai.

‘I left the room, it grossed me out.’

‘I cannot think of it. Why will anyone want to have sex when your girlfriend is having periods is beyond my imagination. I was never okay with the idea. My girlfriend forced me to do it. While I tried my best to stay normal and drum up the enthusiasm, I almost threw up when we were in bed. I ran out of the room and took some time to get back to normal. This incident created a rift among us.’ Suresh Wahi, 26 years, Mumbai.

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Published: November 14, 2017 6:02 pm

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