5 surprising things that are causing trust issues in your relationship

  • trust issues

    If you thought cheating was the only thing that could destroy your trust in relationships, you are wrong. In long term relationships, we often take our relationships and our partners for granted. In fact, we fail to understand that relationships can be destroyed by small, seemingly insignificant things too. Here are seven things that you do that can slowly but steadily burn holes into your partner’s trust.

  • yes man

    Agreeing to everything: Being amenable is good thing. Everybody dreams of ending up with their soul mates but having too much in common is plain weird. If you have NEVER disagreed with them, it is bound to make them suspicious. They’d think you are lying to them. So don’t be afraid to speak your mind in front of your partner. If they can’t appreciate a view different from their own, they don’t deserve you.

  • roving eyes

    Having a roving eye: A roving eye generally doesn’t mean anything. Being red-blooded humans, we are bound to look at an attractive someone. But doing that when your significant other is in the room with you can be incredibly disrespectful to them.

  • not listening

    Not listening: Do you zone out every time they start speaking and nod along just to fool them into thinking that you are paying attention? Good luck keeping up the charade and God forbid the day you get caught. Your indifference and your deception can land you in hot water. They’d think that you don’t matter to them.

  • suspicion

    Being suspicious: Ironically, not trusting your partner can make them suspect you. When you accuse your partner of being too chummy with her hot male co-worker, it would make her suspect your own intentions around attractive women. After all, it takes one to know one. Trusting your partner is the best way to win her trust.

  • hiding money

    Financial cheating: Keeping your partner in the dark about your financial sources, maintaining secret bank accounts, lying about your debts or misusing your joint funds could surely cause trust issues in your relationship. Your own mistrust in your partner can fuel his or her mistrust in you. Money matters should be kept transparent if you have been in a long term relationship with each other. If you can’t trust them with your money, you shouldn’t be with them in the first place!

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