6 lies married men say to start an affair with you

They say that women need a reason to cheat and men just need a place! As much as we want to trust the institution of marriage, the ugly truth is that there are an overwhelming number of married men on the prowl on dating apps such as Tinder, OK Cupid, Hinge and Grindr (???). Internet forums are full of first-person accounts of women who met charming men on Tinder who claim to be single, only to realise much later that they were being taken for a ride. They prey on unsuspecting women and feed them all sorts of lies, all in a bid to get laid.

Months later, when you discover his marriage is rock solid and he has another kid on the way, you’d wonder where you went wrong. But by the time you realise the deception, it’s too late. You are already far too into the relationship to go back. It’s going to take a lot of courage and tear-soaked sessions with best friends to get over your heartbreak. Don’t be hard on yourself. Some of the best women didn’t see it coming.

But here’s how you can stay safe from such predators. Below compilation of some of the common lies these scummy men say to get you to have an affair with them. Stay one step ahead of them and beat them at their own game.

1.My marriage is over

The award for the most uninspired and the laziest lie goes to “My marriage is over.” This is the first among the stinking pile of lies they dump on you. The whole idea is to look vulnerable to the new woman. If he is lucky, the woman may be moved by the story and actually buy into his BS. Here’s the truth: most married men looking for affairs may still want to go back to their loving home and perfect wife and kids, but not before they get what they want from you.

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2.I am separated

‘Separated’ is a problematic to define. It means they are legally together but living apart.  Like the previous excuse, the beauty of the lie is that he doesn’t have to show you the divorce papers to bait you in.  Always do a thorough background check, ask around, it doesn’t hurt!

3.My wife abuses me

For all you know, his wife may have not hurt a fly. But this one is sure to earn him some sympathy from his new woman. By portraying his wife as a virago and you as his saviour, he’s actually trying to flatter you. And if you are given such a prestigious distinction, you would want to act the part right? Wrong!

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4. I will leave her…eventually

So if you’ve been with this cheat for a long time and you are wondering why he hasn’t left his wife yet, here’s news for you: He never will! When a man is truly unhappy in his marriage, he will leave. Rarely does anyone wait for a fling on the side as a catalyst to leave the marriage. If he has been serving you the same speil since the time you two got “serious,” chances are he is perfectly happy in his marriage. You are just a distraction from his marital problems at home.

5.We are not having sex…

…but his wife is expecting another kid soon. Immaculate Conception? Not likely. No matter how hard he tries to convince you, don’t even buy this lie even for a second. If there is no sex involved and they are an unhappy couple, why are they living under the same roof?

6.I am infertile

This is a great excuse men use to allay your fears of pregnancy. By claiming they are infertile, you are more likely to go be okay with barebacking or having sex without condom. Beware! You don’t know how promiscuous this man has been. There is always a chance of contracting STDs from cheating men.

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Published: October 18, 2017 6:02 pm

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