ACMS Presents | Ep 3: Well I’ll be – The Fire’s on the Second Floor | Comedy Blaps

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The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society Presents: A Board Meeting | Ep 3: Well I’ll be – The Fire’s on the Second Floor (Third if you are American) | Comedy Blaps

A fast-paced, lunatic comedy from the people behind the hit live show ‘The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society’. The familiar structure of a board-meeting, from apologies to any-other-business, is used to sneak the unfamiliar, nonsensical and downright bizarre onto people’s screens — guerrilla-style and in a mixture of live action and animation. All four episodes are a different meeting, derailed by flashbacks and cutaways, and Cistercian monks, Norse Goddesses, Jeff Goldblum lookalikes and instructional videos about knots. A sort of Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in an oak-panelled room.

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