Altoid Raspberry Pi Handheld Plays Games Instead of Holding Mints

picture via Sudomod

The Raspberry Pi is one of our favorite pieces of tech because it’s just so versatile. Not only can you use the little board to teach children the joys of computing but you can also mod it into all sorts of cool devices. Heck, it’s still our recommended retro gaming box if you don’t want to bother tracking down a S/NES Classic Edition.

Want to see how tasty these mods can get? Here’s a cool new Raspberry Pi-powered gaming gadget that turns a mint box into a full-fledged video game handheld. Check out the MintyPi.

As you can see, the MintyPi packs a Raspberry Pi into an Altoids mint tin along with some basic controls so you can emulate and play classic games. Created by DIY YouTuber Sudomod, the project started as a joke before evolving into something actually pretty cool. Seeing Sudomod load up Donkey Kong Country on the pocket-sized handheld makes us lust for an official Game Boy Classic (that isn’t the size of a human being).

This is actually MintyPi 2.0. The original proof of concept, while functional, was so flimsy it wasn’t that much fun to actually use. This new version, along with having better wireless, display, audio, and computing components, is just way more sturdy and comfortable. The D-pad, four face buttons, and two shoulder buttons come from a Nintendo DS while the inner case and hinge are 3D-printed. Sudomod even made pieces in different colors to make MintyPis matching every Altoids flavor.

Because this is a DIY project, anyone with the parts and know-how could make their own MintyPi. Sudomod will make 3D printing files available alongside a guide for constructing the device. But you’ll have to buy your own Raspberry Pi, and your own mints, too. Keep your breath fresh while self-made gaming on the go.

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