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In this video tutorial of camtasia studio 9, I will show you how you can use camtasia for free without any cost or spending any buck’s on buying the  software or using any crack’s etc, I will show you the clean and pure method for getting fully registered camtasia 9 and you can use camtasia studio 9 for free and for life time, if you follow the method exactly, what i do in the video.

So checkout the video of : how to use camtasia for free.

If this tutorial doesn’t work for you then use below link for new tutorial.

Camtasi studio 9 key + free register Method Video Tutorial

Camtasia Studio 9 IP’s :

Camtasia Studio 9 Key’s :


If you have any question or problem using the method, use the comment section, because when the video was live on YouTube, alot of guy’s need help due to pre installation of camtasia or using crack’s etc.

This video was first uploaded to YouTube, but Techsmith (camtasia studio 9 company) had file a copyright on the video and YouTube had taken down the video, around 13000 views get by this video within 2 week’s.

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