Elon Musk’s ‘Flat Mars Society’ Remark Gets Trolled on Twitter; Flat Earth Society Responds To the Jibe

When asked the question, “Is the earth flat or round?”, most people would unanimously exclaim “Round!”. Because that is what we have been taught in schools all these years. However, there is a section of people who opine that the Earth is not round, but ‘flat’. Researchers from the ‘Flat Earth Society’, yes that is what they call themselves’, say that Earth is not round but an “oblate spheroid”. There have been raging debates between the believers of the ‘Earth is round’ and ‘Earth is flat’ theories, with no definitive conclusion. And now, seems like the SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has stepped into the debate with his tweet. The tweet simply read: ‘Why is there no Flat Mars Society’, but it was enough to spark off a ring of responses by the ever vigilant Twitterati. There were a few sharp ones from the official Flat Earth Society too. 

Man Creates Homemade Rocket to Prove the Earth Is Flat, Ready to Launch Himself

Man Creates Homemade Rocket to Prove the Earth Is Flat, Ready to Launch Himself

These societies are believed to have existed since the middle of the twentieth century. Elon Musk’s tweet on the absence of a Flat Mars Society was preceded by a tweet where he spoke about how Mars’ sky is different from Earth because it turns blue during sunrise and sunset and red during the day. Things were fine until he tweeted ‘Why is there no Flat Mars Society’, which immediately drew strong reactions from not just the Flat Earth Society, but also the supporters of this theory. The Tweeple also took the opportunity to crack a few jokes on Musk, and we must admit they were hilarious.

Here is Elon Musk’s tweet:

Here is the Flat Earth Society’s response:

Don’t miss the hilarious responses from the Twitterati:

Some made fun of the ‘Flat Earthers’:

Here’s another hilarious one:

More shapes floating around:

A sarcastic tweet:

The people supporting the ‘flat Earth’ theory have dismissed years of observational evidence that suggest that the Earth is round. Instead, they have set up ambitious crowdfunding campaigns to conduct their own ‘real’ scientific experiments. Recently, a ‘Flat-Earther’ called Mike Huges was in the news for making a homemade rocket. He was all set for his journey in this rocket to prove that the Earth is flat. Well, irrespective of which theory you believe in, these Twitter interactions are sure to bring a smile on your face!

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