How to Choose the Right One

Choosing a detox diet plan that is safe, acceptable and one that “feels right” is critical if you are going to follow through and get the most benefit, regardless of the specific detox diet plan you end up choosing.

So now that you are looking for a good detox diet plan, it helps to fully understand a couple of things:

* What exactly is a toxin?

* How did they get “in you” anyway?

* How can you get rid of them?

What is a toxin?

According to Webster: The definition of a toxin is “containing or being poisonous material especially when capable of causing death or serious debilitation”

Yikes, sounds serious. But relax. The human body is designed to use what it needs and flush the rest. Our kidneys and livers do a reasonable job of filtering out the bad things we ingest.

How do the toxins get in there, anyway?

Some of the toxic material is unavoidable. Especially in a modern society where you can’t help but eat at least some processed food, it is almost impossible not to ingest some level of “toxic” elements as part of your normal diet. Some toxins build up over time which is the reason it is considered healthy to occasionally flush or make a concerted effort to detoxify your system. Of course, sticking with a healthy diet plan will reduce the need to have a detox diet plan.

How do you get rid of the evil toxins?

As mentioned above, a good start is to simply avoid the “bad stuff” to begin with. Slowly move towards a healthy raw diet, your body will do its normal job and flush and filter the toxins from your system.

We live in an impatient society, most people want a shortcut.

The simplest Detox Diet Plan that you can follow is avoid ingesting new toxins and drink plenty of water. Let your body do what it does best, and don’t give it any extra work to do by adding to the problem while it is working hard to flush the existing junk from your system.

The next level up from the passive approach is to be a little more aggressive. A short period, of fasting and drinking plenty of water or natural juice will help the body cleanse itself.

Of course, checking with your doctor is always a good idea. The human body is like an eco-system. It gets used to dealing with whatever you are used to throwing at it. Disrupting your normal routine, even if for the long term benefits of a healthier and happier self, may cause short term discomfort and other reactions.

Addiction aside, if you are used to having a nightcap, don’t be surprised if you have trouble sleeping when you suddenly cut your nightly drink from your routine during the detox process.

The more aggressive the detox diet plan you choose, the more (short term) discomfort you may experience. Colon cleansing may involve some cramping and of course the inconvenience of having to stay close to a restroom.

A true detox plan is akin to a good tune up for your car or spring cleaning for the house. – short term unpleasantness for long term benefits.

On the extreme fast track end of the detox spectrum is usually something like a ten day plan where you attempt to seriously cleanse your body by ingesting only fluids containing ingredients that will encourage colon cleansing as well.

Somewhere in the middle between “edging towards a healthier life style” and the abrupt flushing, there are less stress full, but still very targeted diet plans.

A Detox Diet Plan is often used to kick start a diet or weight loss program. Think of it as starting a diet and or exercise program with a clean slate.

Starting without the extra “baggage” of junk in your system can give any diet or exercise program a nice kick start.

Easy advice before embarking on a detox plan is clean out your cupboards and refrigerator. Removing the temptation and easy access will help you through your “weak moments”.

So back to the original question of which detox diet plan is right for you:

If you find a good plan that you think looks good, it is important to sprinkle it liberally with common sense. Any plan that relies to heavily on something very specific (if not prescribed by your actual doctor) is probably a little suspect. For example, within reason, you should feel comfortable substituting one raw vegetable for another. Choosing a detox diet plan that is safe, acceptable and one that “feels right” is critical if you are going to follow through and get the most benefit from whichever detox diet plan that you choose.

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