Jakob Mierscheid, MdB

#Weber State

I can’t think of a single photo where I could positively say: “There he is!”

Jakob Mierschied, MdB – Traces
(orig.: Jakob Mierschied, MdB – Spuren)
2005, 16mm, 18 min., HFF “Konrad Wolf”
german with english subtitles

Jakob Mierscheid – although he is well-known and admired for his great ideas and conclusions, some people say he is some kind of phantom. Others even state that he doesn’t exist. This documentary is a real documentary about a real genius – who doesn’t like images.

A first year student film for the University of Film an Television “Konrad Wolf” in Potsdam Babelsberg.

a film by: Marian Mentrup
edited by: Mirja Gerle
production: Martin Lischke
camera: Matthias Hofmeister
sound: Alexej Ashkenasi
camera assistance: Thomas Helm, Ralf Dornach
sound design: Marian Mentrup
re-recording mix: Johannes Varga
music: Gesangverein Morbach
titles: frederic eyl

Dietrich Sperling
Friedhelm Wollner
Karl Haehser

and Wolfgang Thierse, Beate Laesch-Weber,Gregor Eibes, Jürgen Rausch, Joachim Zimmer, Franz-Josef Hoffmann
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