Made You Look

The last 15 years has seen a boom in the UK graphic arts and illustration industry, with a DIY scene emerging and prospering alongside new and affordable leaps in technology.

So much of our lives is now spent in the virtual digital realm, so what will become of the tactile objects we all hold so dear? Will we see books disappear in our lifetime? Why are more and more creative people moving away from the computer and getting back to using their hands to create art, both commercially and for art’s sake.

Made You Look is a documentary which sets out to explore the landscape of the commercial arts in the 21st Century. It’s a film that gives an insight into how modern creative people feel about the challenges and triumphs of living in a hyper digital age.

This film is a rare and candid insight into the work of some of the UK’s top creative talent, including beautifully shot footage of artists at work and play in their own creative environments.

Made You Look cast includes: Sam Arthur (Nobrow), Jon Burgerman, Ben The Illustrator, Anthony Burrill, Sophie Dauvois (Okido Magazine), Fred Deakin (Airside/ Lemon Jelly), Ed Cheverton, Pete Fowler, Print Club London, Will Hudson (It’s Nice That), Adrian Johnson, Kate Moross, Helen Musselwhite, Andrew Rae, Ian Stevenson, Hattie Stewart, Spencer Wilson
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