Curate. Edit. Make Sales. Meet Pic Engage

Pic Engage is a powerful WP Plugin that displays interactive buy buttons, opt-in forms and even videos on top of regular images when a user hovers with the mouse above. In our tests with Pic Engage, conversions nearly doubled by having this one element in place.

Hey there, Adding images to your site is always an annoying process:

First you have to find relevant ones online. THEN you have to edit them…

And after all this effort – images never bring in any extra revenue for your business. Until NOW!

You see, today is the day Pic Engage launches.

Pic Engage is an innovative new WP Plugin that takes care of all your headaches within SECONDS

[+] it has a built-in image curator, allowing you to harvest millions of images instantly based on your keywords
[+] it has a fully-fledged editor that earned the name of “Photoshop for WordPress”


It has a new breakthrough tech that allows you to run any sort of marketing on TOP of your images, from opt-in forms to buy buttons and even live videos


You’re finally monetizing your images and making money from them…

In fact – early tests have shown Pic Engage-enabled sites can bring in THREE times the usual revenue through this special “Image Hacking”


-> it’s Autoresponder-integrated, meaning you can build your list on autopilot
-> it comes with high converting templates, meaning you can start making money from day ONE
-> it’s all drag-and-drop, meaning you can customize every aspect

On TOP of it all:
Pic Engage is designed by Internet Marketers for Internet Marketers.

With state of the art technology inside, Pic Engage has been built from the ground up to make you the most money possible from your existing assets, and make it EASY for you to convert future visitors into ecstatic buyers and loyal subscribers!

Early bird is live for the next 3 hours – and the price makes it a complete no-brainer!

This is the ultimate all-in-one image software us marketers have been waiting for!


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