Radium Audio Ltd – Universal Channel


Project: Universal Channel
Production Company: We Are Seventeen – London
Branding Agency: Heavenly – London

Background: NBC Universal commissioned, Heavenly to develop the global on-air package for NBC Universal Networks “Universal Channel”.

Awesome London based design and motion graphics company Weareseventeen produced the package of idents, stings and on-screen presentations system in-house.

Radium Audio were asked to score & sound design the beautiful conceptual visuals from Weareseventeen.

How we did it: We wanted to create epic sounding themes which were reflective of Universal, its history and prestige. The original scores are all based on a single theme and pushed along using the personalities behind each story. The sound design follows the animation, and we have kept a low profile with the sound design score on these, because we wanted the themes to be the main focus sonically. Our sound design was created 100% from scratch for these to keep the uniqueness alive within the idents.

Sounds we created include: From the tinniest pin drop sound effect to the biggest sound in the known universe, we crafted, shaped and poured love into these.

music & sound: www.radium-audio.com
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