SaBo-FX – Hot Summer (Shout 2011 remix)

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Song title : Hot Summer
Alternative title : Shout 2011 Remix
Music (remix): SaBo-FX
Video (edit) : SaBo-FX
Original soundtrack : Shout by Tears for fears (UK 1984)
More info original :
Models : Jasmine Davis, Lindsay Marie, Brandi Lynn, Haley Sorenson and Amanda Leggett

Listen to the music on either a headphone or some big ass speakers (to fully enjoy the baseline).
Watch the video in 1080p for the ultimate audiovisual experience!

Music Background info:
This song is the second remix I made of ‘Shout’. My first release dates back to 2001 when I made an instrumental version. Today, having more composing experience and way better software, I had to give it another go.
As you can read on Wikipedia, the original track is a protest song, intended to encourage people to stand up for their freedom and rights. Sounds like a great plan to me. And I hate to appear superficial but what a about my rights to publish some hot looking girls on youtube? Therefore, I dedicate this song to the staff at Youtube for banning my previous video due to showing a slightly covered nipple or two.

Video Background info:
The video for this track can be divided into two main parts. The first part shows 3 super-hot models from Playboy. The music of the second half was simply too fast to combine it with Playboy’s slow footage. So it instead I put in a lot of random beautiful girls shaking their booty down at the club. I gathered this footage from various clips I found (mainly A3 Network Youtube channel). I found it surprisingly hard to find high quality, HD content of good looking women dancing. It would really help If someone could provide me with some (for example) high quality video footage of hot girls at festivals/partying. So I can edit them to a future video.

Credits / disclaimer:
First of all, let me credit Playboy for providing the high quality footage in this video! I’m pretty sure that the video plays a large role in introducing my music to a worldwide audience. For several reasons, I had to cut out most the ‘cracks and nipples’ from the original footage. The original footage from Playboy was kinkier. But I simply don’t need a lawsuit from Playboy. So don’t let me stop you from downloading the uncensored video from the playboy website. This requires a paid subscription. (just so you know). The girls from the second half of the video are edited from videos I found on the A3 network. Thanx guys!

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Audio/Video software used: (no hardware synth)
* Cakewalk Sonar 8.5.3
* Adobe Audition 3
* VST Re-FX Nexus 2
* VST Stylus RMX
* VirtualDub 1.9.9
* Adobe After effects CS5.5
* Trapcode plugins (for After FX)
* ffmpeg

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