The Last ‘Last Jedi’ Trailer is Here! You Can Stop Watching Bad Football Now

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Every so often, society finds a way to trick us into watching some sporting event we’d rather skip. The last time they did this was in June, when the Black Panther trailer aired in the middle of an NBA finals game everyone knew the outcome of. Now they’re doing it again with Star Wars: The Last Jedi and a game that matters even less. If you’re one of the many people who sat through tonight’s match-up between the… (frantically googles) Vikings and the Bears? Oh god, I’m so sorry. You can stop now. The trailer is here and you’re now free to spend your time doing literally anything else. Like watching the new Star Wars trailer over and over again.

Before you watch it, you should know that it is pretty spoilery. This late in the game, the trailers that come out are typically filled with story details. If you’d rather be completely surprised, skip this one, buy your ticket and wait for December 15. If you don’t care about spoilers and just want to see as much cool Star Wars stuff as soon as possible, buckle up, this is the trailer for you. There’s no shame in either option. Even Rian Johnson has a hard time recommending this trailer, and he’s the guy who made the movie.

He is right about that last part. The full trailer is embedded below, and if you’re not the type that cares about spoilers, it’s fantastic. This world where we get a new Star Wars movie every year, continues to be pretty great.

Told you. More importantly, the release of this trailer means you can now buy tickets to Star Wars: The Last Jedi. What are you still doing here? You’ve seen the trailer, now go! Get your tickets. If tonight is anything like it was when The Force Awakens tickets went on sale, all the ticketing sites will be a little slow due to the sudden influx of every Star Wars fan trying to access them at once. Keep trying. You may inadvertently make the problem worse, but hey. Gotta get those tickets.

Once you do, the real hard part begins: Waiting more than two months before you can use them. Judging by the trailer, the wait will only make it sweeter when we finally get to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi on December 15, 2017.

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