When can you take a bath after a C-Section?

If you think that this question seems odd, then probably you don’t know about the ordeal women have to face after a c-section. Apart from the general aches and pains that she has to endure after the surgery a basic necessity like bathing is denied to her. Since the cut that runs horizontally across the abdomen is still raw a bath can make it turn infectious and contaminated. If the cut comes in contact with water it makes the scar prone to infection which means more pain and longer healing time. So bathing is restricted for few days till your stitches dry out and the doctors are sure that water won’t interfere with the healing of your scar. Here are five things you need to take care of after a c-section.

Once your operation is over and your baby is given to you, the first day you would be in no condition to sit or move, so bathing is out of the question. Your lower part of the body which was numbed during the surgery comes to senses at least five hours post surgery. However, even the next day after the surgery you might not be able to sit on your own and need help to get up so bathing is just unimaginable. In the hospital, the staff will give the new mother a sponge bath if needed twice a day to keep her clean and ensure comfort so that the stitches don’t get affected. The switches take a while to heal and become dry.  Here are 15 mistakes to avoid after a c-section.

After a c-section, the hospital stay depends on various factors, like, the baby’s well-being, the recovery after surgery, etc. On an average the stay can last from five days to a week, till then you are refrained from taking a bath and sponging is offered daily. On the day of your discharge, the dressing of the scar is removed and a new dressing is done. This doesn’t mean that you can take a bath yet.

Remember this is just a new dressing and your stitches are still raw. You might be advised to avoid a bath. You would be called back for a check-up after at least a week when your doctor would check for the scar, like, if it has healed enough, remove the stitches as they dry up by that time and advise you on aftercare and how to keep the area clean. Once the stitches are removed completely will you be able to take a bath. It takes around 10 to 15 days after the surgery to be able to take a bath again.

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Published: October 16, 2017 4:20 pm

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