Call Of Duty: Black Ops II – “Los Angeles” Load Movie


Completed at Spov for Activision / Treyarch

Part of my role as designer on the Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Screen graphics was to design and animate an Instructional sequence that depicted attacks in various places around the world, eventually leading to Los Angeles in the US.

I shared responsibility for all aspects of this movie with Andrea Braga – from storyboards, through the various animatic stages and then final production.

The production of the Black Ops II screen graphics was a fantastic team effort. Some of the UI design work had been established and there were certain game assets that needed to be included in the sequence. Andrea and I were responsible for planning out the design and production of this sequence using a combination of C4D and After Effects. We worked closely with Paul Hunt, Emma Clarke and the rest of the Spov team to create a sequence that upheld the already established visual direction.


2D Design, Animation & Compositing: Ian Jones & Andrea Braga
2025 Screen Graphics Designers: Matt Tsang, Mantas Grigaitis, Julio Dean.

Producer: Emma Clarke
Creative Director: Paul Hunt

Client: Activision / Treyarch
Design Company: Spov

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Viewed: 3350

Date: July 12, 2019

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