Forgotten Fun – A KorduroyTV Sea Movie by Nat Lanyon


“Forgotten Fun” means exploring the creation of a shorter video style. Recently, I have been working hard on putting together a longer surf film entitled, “Another Morning Rebel Song” and this was a chance to refine what I’ve done into a more concise visual piece. It was flmed this past fall primarily around the sheltered points in Noosa with famous loggers Jared Mell, Japanese logger Yuta Sezutso and local Harrison Roach.

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“Sucker Punch”
by Coma Cinema

Harrison Roach
Jared Mell
Dean Brady
Yuto Sezutso
Luke Cederman
Matt Cuddihy
Asher Pacey

This Sea Movie was made possible by the support of Reef (

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Date: June 13, 2019

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