Moving Pictures 2016 – Movie Trailers Mashup


It’s THAT time of year again, folks. As always, I hope you enjoy this video, and please comment and share it if you would. Feedback means the world to me. Thanks for watching! Hope you all have great plans in store for the coming new year.

Full list of films used:
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BEETHOVEN HAVOK by John Ottman courtesy of Fox Music Inc.
MY SHARONA by The Knack courtesy of Power Music
SOMETHING’S IN MY ROOM by Cliff Martinez courtesy of Milan Entertainment Inc.
ARE WE HAVING A PARTY OR SOMETHING by Cliff Martinez courtesy of Milan Entertainment Inc.
BROKEN PEOPLE by Kerry Muzzey courtesy of Kirbyko Music LLC
PROLOGUE BIRTH by Paul Dinletir courtesy of Audio Machine

Edited by Clark Zhu ©2016
‘Moving Pictures 2016’ is a non-profit project made solely for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement intended. All content remains courtesy of its respective owners, none of which were notified of this project.

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Date: June 2, 2019

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