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Poles Apart (2007) is an awards winning and nominated short film within Australia and overseas. It is a student film created by Sen Wong, Steven Smith and Paul Lalo from Griffith Film School.

Poles Apart (2007) is an universal story that everyone can relate to. In the increasing phenomenon of a worldwide multicultural society, the importance of tolerance and acceptance of other gender, races and cultures has become a central issue.

This film has also raised important questions while providing an entertaining “slice of life” like storyline and an upbeat resolution of a very modern and recently growing issue.

Synopsis: In big cities it’s easy to feel isolated, especially if you’re Pang Pang who is the only panda in a city of polar bears. His attempts to fit in always end in failure. What’s it going to take to make these polar bears realise that Pang Pang is just another kind of bear?

Directed and Animated by: Steven Smith, Sen Wong, Paul Lalo
Music by: Jimmy Ho
Sound by: Kesha Riley

List of Film Festivals:
• St Kilda Top 100 Australian Short Film Festival 2008 (Melbourne, Australia)
• ReAnimacja Animation Festival (Poland)
• International Animation Day compilation (France, Hungary, Brazil)
• Brisbane International Animation Festival 2008 (Brisbane, Australia)
• Australia Effect & Animation Festival 2008 (Sydney, Australia)
• 5th Lyceum Film Festival (New South Wales, Australia)
• 7th International Student Film & Video Festival of Beijing Film Academy (Beijing, China)

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