180 Ee Vayasika Raadhu Song


Music: Sharreth | Lyrics: Vanamaali | Singer: Tipu

When a moment freezes in time, the rules of reality get suspended and suddenly you see magic in things that never demanded a second look. It is when a moment is frozen or slowed down by multiples of hundred times, you suddenly see that gravity disappears into thin air. You see man fly like a bird, walk on water or dance in air. Things that look unreal but it is not. It is happening around us every day, every moment and yet we don’t see them. Slowing time brings this magic to light in the song Ee Vayasika Raadhu in 180. A moment frozen in time also makes the man experiencing it suspend all concept of age….timeless as long as he is suspended in it. Once he is out of the moment he knows that age or moment will never come back.

The song, with lyrics by Vanamaali and choreography by Dinesh, was shot on the Phantom Flex camera that can shoot up to 2500 frames per second. Here, director Jayendra wanted to express the power and potential of each moment. The song exaggerates the actions that happen in a second through slow motion and makes us realize the magic that goes unnoticed in routine life.

Ee Vayasika Raadhu Song – 2 minutes

A film by Jayendra starring Siddharth, Nithya Menen and Priya Anand. Produced by Sathyam Cinemas and Aghal Films. © 2011

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Date: May 16, 2019

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