ANTIGONE’S SONG – A Film by Perpombellar Productions


The Perpombellar film ANTIGONE’S SONG is one of our projects I’m particularly proud of, as not only did I have the opportunity to direct the photography on this one, I felt the production highlighted our skills in team building. Everyone we brought together to create this film was friends, working for the joy of making a movie. I think there is a fine touch of beauty in this film, contrasting nicely with the terrible darkness of its story.

In this post-apocalyptic musical western based loosely on the myth of Antigone, safe, drinkable water is scarce, and Antigone and her ‘family’ move carefully around the dying city of Savannah, in search of fresh. When her brother is murdered, Antigone rebels against the tight code that puts the survival of the tribe ahead of the individual. She must bury her brother, or why go on, why be alive at all?

Directed by Eric Nauert
Cinematography by Jody Schiesser
Produced by Will Hammargren and Nathaniel Nauert
Screenplay written and edited by Nathaniel, Will, Jody, and Eric (with help from Sarah Milton).
“Antigone’s Song” is an original song written by Eric Nauert
Sung by Kelly Rogers; Guitar by Eric Nauert

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Date: June 30, 2019

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