Apparat – Song of Los (Director’s Cut)


A robot is born, escapes, learns love and dies. This is the story of her memories.

Artist: Apparat
Album: The Devil’s Walk

Director: Saman Kesh
Writers: Saman Kesh & Nate Eggert
Producer: Francis Pollara
Editor: Nate Tam
Cinematographer: Justin Gurnari
Production Design: Tyler Jensen
HUD/Computer Art Direction: Cosimo Galluzzi
Visual FX: Marc Steinberg
Lead Actors: Jessica Franz and Daniel Stessen
Assistant Director: Tom Lee
Camera Operator: Mike Reyes
Production Company: Ladeson & Paydirt Pictures
Commissioner: John Moule
Rep: Joceline Gabrielle
© 2011 Mute UK

Special Thanks to Stephen and Jessica for allowing us to totally take over your awesome studio ^_^

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Viewed: 154959

Date: May 15, 2019

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