Firefly’s Video for Indian Song “Tumse Hai”


Music video for a song from an independent Hindi album.

A classicist to the core, Dr Madhumohan had given up a lucrative career in Canada to create a full-length Hindi music album as a tribute to the bygone eras. Purity being his oeuvre, his album was full of forgotten themes: melody, poetry, civility, decency, subtlety and even live-orchestration. This ethos carried the making of this video too – families, friends, well-wishers & fairies all pitching in their talents and support. Result: a restrained and understated video, never too loud for the song, and never too boring for the detail-loving aesthete.

Producer: Dr Madhumohan Komaragiri
Music: Dr Madhumohan Komaragiri
Firefly Director: Phani Eggone
Firefly Cinematographer: Sanath PC
Art Director: Ravi Shankar

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Viewed: 9177

Date: May 19, 2019

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