Funniest Happy Birthday Song – Funzoa Teddy Sings Very Funny Song


Funny! Happy Birthday Song of 21st Century sung by Funzoa Teddy. Gift this Very Funny Happy Birthday song to someone today. Best cheeky song for your friends, loved ones, family members on their special day or share it as an advanced birthday gift anyways. Enjoy this Best Birthday Song from by the most adorable Teddy alongwith the lyrics.

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Happy birthday to you,
But are you sure if the date is true,
Maybe they ain your real parents,
And they lie about your existence,
Maybe you’re an orphan,
They just found you by the fence,
Do I make sense..

Well happy bday to you,
But Im not sure if the date is true,
Maybe youre a stolen baby,
Or you’re are from a different daddy,
When you’re born, you were so young,
How could you have known this,
Lord, have mercy,

Happy bday to you,
I doubt this mother had you,
Maybe you’are an adopted child,
Did you go and check the files,
If you go confront your mama,
She could just deny
But don’t be so blind,

Hey happy bday to you,
Cmon look a little happy, get in the mood,
I don’t mean to create a scene,
But looking at you, I kept thinking,
Maybe youre a clone they produced
From something elses genes,
Gawd I can’t imagine,

Well happy bday to you,
Blow the candle, don’t look so blue,
Cut the cake, lets celebrate,
Lets just hope you are not a mistake,
Maybe the nurse forgot your birth,
And picked a random date,
So this birthday could be fake,

Happy bday to you,
But your mom n dad dont resemble you,
Happy bday to you,
Hope you didn’t mind, Am I too rude,
Happy bday to you,
Im your best friend, so Im concerned,
How facts can be construed,
What if they lied to you…

Concept and Copyright of this Cute Teddy Singing this Funny happy birthday song belongs to Funzoa, 2013.

Be it 16th birthday songs, 17th birthday, 18th birthday, 19th birthday, 20th birthday, 21st or beyond, this newest funny birthday song is gonna stay. Have fun. 🙂

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Date: May 15, 2019

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