Gurdas Maan — “PUNJAB”. Punjabi-Song-2017. Jatinder Shah, Gurickk G. Maan.



((( In this song Gurdas Maan is talking to a young Bhagat Singh where he is showing him how Punjab turned out after he sacrificed himself for it. )))

Which sorrow should I tell you of Punjab.
Flower of Punjab has withered away.

Roots have dried up and stems have faded.
I won’t be able tell you all these things in a short span of time.

Storm of drugs has engulfed everything.
These brave-hearts have forgotten bravery.
Tell me who will dance in front of danger now.

Young men of Punjab have been ruined by drugs.
Lively Punjabi’s have been ruined by drugs.

Where have you lost Punjabi Girl.
You don’t know how to take care of kids.

Breast milk got burnt up with the smoke from cigarettes.
Child was half killed even before birth.
Disorders have surrounded kids right from birth.
Tell me which son of a mother will become a brave lion.

Crops are grown by spraying poisons.
Poisonous crops have destroyed generations.

Cows and buffaloes have been trained.
They have gotten used to giving milk only after getting injected with hormones.
There isn’t much of a difference between milk and alcohol these days.
Pond water isn’t even drinkable anymore.
Storm of drugs – cocaine/heroine – is so strong
that my evergreen Punjab has gone dark.

There are only a few players who play
Engine of Punjab rail (metaphor) is all rusted.

Boys are ruined by weed;
Mothers have been worried sick about their daughters;
Ashes of dad were thrown in a pond instead of a river.

Young men of Punjab have been ruined by drugs.
Lively Punjabi’s have been ruined by drugs.

People have forgotten the ways.
It is all about dacoits and loots these days.

Respect for the words of Guru’s has been forgotten
along with the meanings of songs and shabads
the meanings of songs and shabads.
They have started to make fun of the freedom fighters.

Not sure how many more histories will changed by Delhi.

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Date: July 13, 2019

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