Meat Children – “Pop Song Of My Dreams”


So a bunch of superheroes got together one day in 1987…

Meat Children – “Pop Song Of My Dreams”

Director and Editor – David Lombroso
Producer – Daniel Yankiver
Director of Photography – Zach Schaefer
Production Designer – Juna Skenderi

Matt Wise as Captain Supercaptain
Ryan Nelson as Dr. Pottasium (aka Dr. K)
Jake Turner as Jurassic Man
Alex Montaldo as Le Baron
Arastoo Taslim as The Magician
Franklin Chen as Galactro

Meat Children:
Jake Slovis as Hitman #1
Thomas White as Hitman #2

Special Effects – Jack Lykins
Production Assistants – Arianna Janetakis, Jamie Ekkens

Special Thanks – Winston Case, Stephania Theofilos

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Date: June 13, 2019

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