Poiesis – Song of Nishida


Song of Nishida is the result of 2+ years working and traveling among the Hawaiian islands, produced here as a collaboration curated by Lantern Journal in correlation with the groundbreaking composer Lubomyr Melnyk, and the Wires comes the next chapter in the Poiesis project, built from interconnected parts: philosophical inquiry, music, film, sculpture, photography and design. Check out the full ARTicle and streaming versions of the musical works by themselves at http://lanternjournal.org/2014/09/poiesis-song-of-nishida/

“This chapter seeks to explore the intersection of experience and the experiencer. Tracing the ideas of Kitaro Nishida, and the Kyoto School of Philosophy, as they intersect with our own Western notions of identity and emplacement. The work examines how Eastern ideologies can affect the ways that we frame our relationship with place. And finally, to champion the merit of considering ourselves as vessels, through which ‘other’ may inhabit us, thus allowing a role reversing convergence with the cosmos. Not to transcend our lives, or to be caught in the traction of immanence, but instead to achieve a ‘transimmanence,’ to move beyond, while remaining within.”

Film Text:

You are an Entrance
The Vessel, Willed Empty
The Preemptively Pure Experience
To Let Other Flow In and Fill You
The Self, Coming Into its Worldhood
A Coterminous Emergence
A Marriage of Opposites
A Neidanian Symmetry
Feel its Rhythmic Chiasmic, Shimmering
A Seamless Transimmanence
A Coming Home.


First Musical Arrangement ‘Fountain’ Written and Performed by Lubomyr Melnyk
Second Musical Arrangement ‘Banyan’ Written and Performed by The Wires: Alternative Strings
All other visual and written materials by M Dane Zahorsky

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Date: May 21, 2019

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