The River Song


Andrew Kane is so happy to have had the opportunity to collaborate with another “River Rat” and creative musician, Meredith Gould, to present “The River Song”. A collage of St. Lawrence River aerial footage from this past year has been woven into Meredith’s beautiful music. I cannot express enough thanks to Meredith for this opportunity. A big Thanks also goes to Chris Tormey who came up with the awesome idea of combining my aerial videos of the River with Meredith’s “The River Song”. I am sure you will enjoy this beautiful masterpiece!

“The River Song” is a track on Meredith Gould’s album “Italian Shoes” produced in 2002. You can purchase this CD by emailing Meredith at [email protected]

Produced by Feather in Flight Productions. Find us at or email [email protected]

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Date: May 18, 2019

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