Toyota Aygo Connected Song


Tribal DDB Athens’ digital masterminds came up with a social experiment to promote Toyota’s Aygo model in Greece. Through an integrated sound recorder on Toyota Hellas’ Facebook page, people recorded words that would later be used by Greek composer Nikko Patrelakis to create a song (a staggering 4 hours of recorded material). After the song was composed, we joined the team and created a video-clip to go with it, that naturally included the words and avatars of the people that submitted them. Inspired by the randomness that inevitably happens when – literally – a thousand people get together to write a song, we decided to go for a similar approach and go crazy with slicing the image apart, mixing typography elements together, and generally creating a video-clip that shares the same bits & pieces nature of the song itself.

Aygo Connected Song on Facebook

Agency: TribalDDB
Music: Nikko Patrelakis
Video-Clip Production: Monologue, Chris Dolgeras

Likes: 935

Viewed: 76264

Date: May 15, 2019

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