We give you Glory – worship song


This was mainly composed while commuting on a train! and also while walking around, it was a super challenge and super enjoyable, since I had to notate on the fly with pencil and paper or just memory and repitition till I could record it at home.
ALl photos taken by myself, if you wish to know the locations just ask. all in NZ

WE GIVE YOU GLORY Worship song

As we give our praise to You
we lift You up,
enthroning You,
Almighty God, Creator of all.
As we dwell on You, Lord
Focusing on things above,
You become the Centre of our lives.

We give You glory, give You praise,
Bringing our hearts to You alone.
None is Higher, none is Worthier.

You alone, we worship, Lord
For You gave us all we have
we need You, Lord
in all that we do.
You alone are worthy
to be praised for all time
to receive the offering of our lives.

We give You glory, give You praise
bringing our hearts to You alone.
None is higher, none is worthier.

© Gill Knox
October 1997

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Date: July 6, 2019

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