Currently ranked 7th in the world, professional kitesurfer Stefan Spiessberger is accustomed to traveling the globe from one gorgeous beach to another. But what happens when this small-town boy from Austria decides to go exploring the concrete jungle of New York City? He does it his way, of course! Stefan looks right at home in the world’s most iconic cityscape, whether slaloming through the streets of Chinatown, rifling through vinyl at a Williamsburg record store or just kicking back on the G-train. Still, it’s only a matter of time before Stefan is drawn to the water. Exploring nearby Long Island, he discovers Tobay Beach, its smooth surface and constant winds offering the perfect conditions for a world-class freestyler. Back in New York City, Stefan’s passion is fueled. But how can he reconcile his urban location with his true nature as a kitesurfer? There’s only one answer—an expedition into New York Harbor.

A Short Film by: NINE&ONE
Co-Produced by: Enjoy the Soup

Producer: Karin Lechner
Director / DOP: Manu Grafenauer

Media Requests: Pls contact us at [email protected]

Instagram: /stefanspiessberger
Facebook: /stefan.spiessberger.kiteboarding


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Date: July 13, 2019

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