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This is A Sample of My WORK; A ViSuAL iMAge PRODUCT; The night footages were taken with My Son And i on Rector Street goofing around. The Day footages were taken when i met up with a friend after work & were shot spontaneously. The Helicopter Scenes were taken that same day at chelsea Street while we were getting wasted by the waters. Therefore, i decided to create a New York Video and made it challenging by ONLY using the limited resources i shot. The NY Photos were provided by a Friend of Mine a Photographer by the name of Anthony DiMarTino who had several NY photos & mentioned if I would like to include them in this PROJECT. All Footages Were Taken by ME. However, i Manipulated some of the Photos to appear as if they were Videos. Some are easy to tell And some are Hard to identify like in the beginning of this video where it says ‘PRESENTS’ I show the MetLife Building from the Bottom UP adding ViSuaL Effects giving it that FeeL of a Camera shooting straight up from the ground. Moreover, i shot The Man Painting A New YORK Portrait with Spray Cans i actually ask for his permission to shoot & he Agreed. That Shot really Made this video interesting because he was painting a portrait of NY & the video is about New YORK which really put the icy on the Cake. The Young LADY in Yellow giving out Flyers & saying Hi to the Camera was a scene i just had to Shoot as soon as i saw her i pulled out the Cam & started recording, Its funny how the Lady in Black next to her in the Back had a Canon Camera & was taking Pictures if you watch the that scene carefully she got a Picture of Me filming The young Lady giving out flyers And I got a Footage of her taking a PIC of Me filming her. That was a Priceless Moment. Wish i had her Number so i can see her Pic & she can see My Vid. Moving Forward, i Also enjoyed shooting The Crowd of People walking in Front of ME. Although Most people don’t like someone filming them spontaneously, HOWEVER, the Afro-American Guy who Waived At the Camera Seem Not To CARE Which Brought LIFE to That SHOT And Made it AWESOME!! Hope You Enjoyed The VISUAL; A CarL Luis PRODUCT; By ViSuAL iMAges .. Any Questions, COMMENTS or HOW i did Certain ViSuAL EFFX And what SW i used for POST PRODUCTION?? . > Please INBOX ME on FACEBOOK I’m More Than GLAD To inform You The Plugins, Techniques & SoftWares i used to PRODUCE The ViSuAL EFFX .. Thank YOU

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Date: July 17, 2019

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