The New Tithe


Mega-churches have used religion as fund-raising tool for too long. They shower their followers in sanctimonious platitudes, then clamor for their cash. This video encourages a new definition of tithing by giving to causes with accountability.

Written & Directed by Tony Wann & Justin Wilson
Motion Graphics by Tony Wann
Live Action/Edit/Sound Design by Justin Wilson

Music: Good Old Neon
“One Never Says Verbal When One Means Oral”
licensed under a Sampling Plus License

Stills licensed from iStockphoto LP or shot by us


Senator Grassley Senate Finance Committee files
Review of Media-Based Ministries – January 6, 2011


Forbes – America’s Biggest Megachurches – June 26, 2009


USA Today – View of God can predict values, politics – Nov. 12, 2006


Special thanks to our on-screen talent: Sierra Sintic, Justin Lochlear, Artie Pena, James Rayburn, Matt Pittman, David Slack

Grand Prize Winner of the 2011 Project Reason Video Contest

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Viewed: 44064

Date: June 17, 2019

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