2012 NASCAR On-Air Package for Fox Sports: Las Vegas Promo


Project Name: 2012 NASCAR On-Air Package for Fox Sports
Deliverables: :30 Promo; Promo Open; Main Title for NASCAR on Fox; Full-Screen Graphics for 12 Tracks; IDs for 13 Drivers; B-Roll Holders/Animations; Scanline Tracking for Specific Cars; 4x transitions; 2x backplates.
Main Tools: Maxon Cinema4D and Adobe Creative Suite + After Effects. Finishing on Autodesk Flame by Fox Sports Marketing Group.
More Info: http://bit.ly/NFox12

Client: Fox Sports Marketing Group
CMO: Eric Markgraf
SVP/Group Creative Director: Robert Gottlieb
VP, On-Air Promotions: Bill Battin
Creative Director: Josh Nichols
Executive Producer: Jason Dodd
Editor: Curtis Roen
Flame Finishing: Simon Holden
Graphic Design: Ryan Zunkley
Sound Design: Chris Fina

Design/Production Company: Thornberg & Forester
Creative Director: Frank Pichel
Head of 3D: Vi Nguyen
Executive Producer: Elizabeth Kiehner
Producer: Javier Gonzalez
Design: Frank Pichel, Scott Matz, Adam Grabowski, Mike Burgoyne, Jorge Peschiera, Yuki Nakajima, Angela Zhu
Animation / Compositing: Mike Russo, Mike Burgoyne, Yuki Nakajiima, Jorge Peschiera, Frank Pichel, Keith Endow, Ken Krueger, Adam Grabowski, Russ Porchia, Joe Russ

Music Company: Elias Arts
Executive Producer: Ann Haugen
Producer: Val Scinto
Composer: Michael Fraumeni
Creative Director: Dave Gold

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Date: May 17, 2019

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