Best Cricket Stump Mic Compilation Ever (With Subtitles)


The best compilation of the stump mic videos of Cricket on the internet.

English translation of the Hindi comments of Indian & Pakistani players

(Test match – India vs New Zealand )Dhoni to Jadeja – Pujara is standing behind if he(batsman) turns around to hit. I have not kept Pujara there just to clap.

(One day – India vs Australia) Dhoni to Jadeja – Bowl a slower, show me how you can get hit for a six. (Metaphor to let the batsman free his arms)

(One day – India vs Pakistan) Ganguly to M. Yusuf – I am not talking about you, I just had my own doubts to clear out with the umpire. You can take rest, I don’t have any problem
M. Yusuf – Cmon, I am not taking rest
Ganguly – Even if you are please go ahead, I just don’t want them to penalize me for this time, that’s all. I just said this to him. I am not saying that you are doing it on purpose. Because they will be after my life later.

(One-day India vs Ireland ) Dhoni to Jadeja – Let him come out of the crease and hit
Dhoni to Raidu – Cmon Raidu wake up, check his footwork and anticipate where he will be hitting, you have been standing like a volleyball player(Humour in Hindi)
Dhoni to Shami (funny voice) – Shammi ! Come a bit behind.

Thanks to WillowTv for the clips.

Date: June 13, 2019

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