GLORIA Sports Arena Image Film



Ahmet Gülüm
Ener Gülüm
Sinem Kocaker

DREAMBOX / Multiplatform Design Studio

Producer: S. Cagri Öztoksoy
Creative Director: Alvaro Rego Pallas, S.Cagri Öztoksoy
Scenario and Storyboard : Alvaro Rego Pallas
Animation Direction: Alvaro Rego Pallas
Executive Producer: Özge Okay

Modelling, Animation and VFX:
Studio Aiko

SFX: Melodika

About Gloria Sports Arena
Gloria Sports Arena is a modern sports complex with indoor, outdoor and aquatic sports facilities. It is built on 105 000 m2 (10.5 hectare) in Belek-Antalya-Turkey, where over 50 different sports disciplines and camps will be hosted. Facilities are equipped and built by using the most modern technological developments in sports.

About the Image Film
Our aim is to visualize this all-in-one training facility complex with all of the details. The concept was to show the rich facilities of the GLORIA SPORTS in an intimate or close way, it means, instead of showing a montage of generic views of each facility of the complex, we look for details.
We built the story on a style that we use cuts for the transition of the scenes. The connection between the scenes are done by using the similar shapes in these different scenes. E.g. A line from athletic track connects to the arrow in next shot, the arrow connects to the band of the volleyball court, the volleyball ball connects to the hockey ball. In this way we reveal the locations and facilities of Gloria Sports Arena with the help of important details.
“In term of production, we’ve worked with the professional advice of the architectural studio to achieve the closer look to the finished complex. We managed to get a high quality result in 3D photorealism that makes the viewers to picture and wish to be in Gloria Sports Arena.”

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Date: May 17, 2019

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